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About Company

More than 20 years of experience

LTD MAGMA was founded in 23 February 1996. LTD MAGMA is 100 % Latvian company, which has grown from a small family company to the stable, trusty and dynamic Latvian company. Company is located in Katrinas dambis 18a, Riga with territory of 8117 square meters, where main office, stock and showroom of 400 square meters are located. LTD MAGMA offers to it’s clients maximally full service package from consultations to introduction in commerce.

MAGMA Ltd. employs more than 40 people – very professional and responsive team with rich experience, which can provide good communication at all levels. There are 9 salesmen, who are recognized from our customers as knowledgeable, intelligent, kind, helpful and friendly. Employees who are in the Company from the foundation are special pride.

Quality, Development, Assortment

People are the main value of the Company. That is the reason why the Company is proud with their nominated priorities – quality of goods, appropriate price, permanent goods in the stock and wide range of the goods. Deliveries are punctual, prompt and convenient. Quantity of lead in the brass items are regularly controlled because people in the Company bear responsibility for the harmlessness of products in order to avoid that surfaces which are in contact with drinking water and food could adversely affect the human health.

Service, Guarantee, Safety

LTD MAGMA provides full service – high quality after-sales service is available and purchase of any spare parts is possible. Goods correspond to EN standards, which is approved by Inspecta Latvia conformity certificates. Company has liability insurance. There is a Creditreform conclusion of LTD MAGMA as a trusty partner and SRS affirmation for contribution to State economical development and excellent payment of taxes.

LTD MAGMA manufactures flexible hoses since 2005. More than 400 flexible hoses in different lengths and types are offered. Flexible hoses are made from high quality raw materials – stainless steel hoses (AISI 304) and inner EPDM rubber, which is also useable for drinking water. Assembly parts are made from high quality brass (CW 617N).

Following declared demands for the quality in company and market request for the price, LTD MAGMA in 2009 started to assemble mixers in their own plant. All parts of mixers are carefully deliberated and chosen from different producers.